Curb appeal for your business!

Basically, this is what your potential customer sees when they approach your business. There is an old saying that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression. The better your business looks to those who are seeing it for the first time, the better initial impression they will have of your company. For retail stores and restaurants, curb appeal can make a big difference in how potential customers will view your business.

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Another Community Cleaned

We love keeping entire communities looking their best, from cleaning the roof down to the street gutters.  Hoover Pressure Cleaning knows how hard HOA and board members work to keep their investments and neighbors looking the best they can and we love working with property managers tackling the same tasks.  No job is too small or big and we can work with tight budgets too!  In the photo below is one of our trucks working on cleaning the duplexes of the lovely gated community in Venice.  Ask us how we can keep your roof or concrete clean for years!

Venice clean

Clean and Keeping it Clean! Property Manager & Homeowners Time Saver.

We love repeat customers and 90% of our business is repeat customers which we are truly grateful for!  We continue to search for ways to make everything easier for our customers, whether it’s scheduling a job, paying or simply being on a monthly, quarterly or annual schedule to keep the property looking its best.  One service we offer is to keep driveways, concrete and or pavers clean.  We simply clean the surface, add a non slip sealant that will keep it clean for years.  This is a property manager’s or home owners dream come true!  Call us or email us for more details!

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Selling your home?

You only get one first impression, so why not make it the best one possible?  Whether you are selling home or you just love a properly maintained home Hoover Pressure Cleaning can help!  Want top dollar for your home?  Getting ready for professional photos?  Then you will want your roof, exterior and concrete to look it’s best and if you don’t have it cleaned every year then we know it’s not at it’s best.  We work with many real estate agents, property management companies and investors which means we know what you are looking for!  Tired of cleaning every year?  We can help with that too, give us a call and ask us how.

drw before and after

Maintain Your Home

A picture is worth a 1000 words so take a look at before and after of this deferred maintenance home we cleaned a few days ago.  Doing a little bit of regular maintenance here and there will cost a lot less then neglecting your home and running into a huge cost of replacing a roof, pool cage or gutters 15 years early.  Same goes for paint, gutters, soffit and pool cages.  Clean them on a regular basis to avoid staining and or replacement, regular cleaning will simply extend the life span and keep great curb appeal on your home.


house before after

Pool Screens

Sitting out by the pool enjoying this Florida weather?  Floating in the pool only to look up and see your screened in pool enclosure covered in green mold?  That mold will actually eat away at the paint and screens shortening the lifespan.  This will result in having to paint the pool cage sooner and replace the screens sooner.  Give us a call, we can clean anything from the roof to the curb on your property!


Pool cage

Floridian Discount! 30% Off

OK you lucky Floridians, we are offering an awesome discount for our full time residents!  Do you need the green cleaned off your gutters, pool cage, pool screen or siding?  The black cleaned off your roof, driveway or sidewalks?  Need to bring life back to your fence or dock?  Then look no further, we have been doing this for over 20 years and will gladly take care of your cleaning needs.  Tired of cleaning your roof every year or two?  We can fix that problem too, ask us how.  Give us a call 888-697-6886 or email us at today!  Mention this ad for your discount.  #HouseCleaning #PropertyMaintainence #PressureWashing #RoofCleaning


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Visual Perception

Visual perception has always been important but even more so in these current days we live in.  Which home do you think would sell first, the one that has been maintained, is clean, smells good, no visual damage with great curb appeal or a home that needs a deep cleaning, smells bad, has damage throughout the house with a dead lawn?  My experience and common sense tells us that the home maintained will be purchased first and closer to it’s asking price.  Same things goes for business fronts.  Would you feel better about walking into a business with trash all over the place, dirt, mold and bugs all over the building?  Wouldn’t it make you wonder what happens behind the scenes of that business if they can’t even maintain the exterior?  I would bet that a business or home that is maintained inside and out will yield more gains than the ones that don’t.  Let us help you have a positive visual perception, we all know how important it is!


hoover biz front

House Cleaning

House cleaning in Florida doesn’t only relate to the interior of your home or community.  Green and black mold can stain your paint, gutters, soffit and fascia.  Mold will eat away at anything from your concrete tile roof to your beautiful wood deck or fence.  If you fail to maintain your property on a yearly basis thinking you will save money, you will likely end up losing money because you will have to paint sooner, replace your wood fence or dock sooner and even replace your roof sooner!  Not to mention if you keep your roof, home exterior and driveway clean your curb appeal will be ten times better which in return gives you higher property value, who doesn’t want that?  So if you are too busy, are snowbirds or simply want to enjoy your time doing other activities then contact us and we can take care of everything for you!  Doesn’t matter if you have a single family home or the property manager of an entire community, we have the team and skills to get the job done.


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Paver Sealing

Tired of weeds growing in between your paver driveway or pool deck?  Tired of seeing mold in between all your beautiful and expensive pavers?  Want to protect your investment and help prevent those beautiful pavers from getting stained or losing color due to weather?  Want to lock in the sand and bring back the color in your old pavers?  Want to make the color pop in your new pavers? We can help you!  Give us a call at 888-697-6886 or email us at for your free estimate.


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