Before Roof-a-Cide Application


Hoover Pressure Cleaning is proud to be an Authorized Applicator for Roof-A-Cide: Safe for People, Pets & Plants! What is Roof-A-Cide®? Roof-A-Cide® is a proprietary mixture of cleaning agents and EPA approved algaecides that are extremely effective in controlling recurring discoloration on tile, and asphalt shingle roof surfaces. It is applied to the roof surface and will keep it clean for at least 2 years! When applied every two years the unsightly stains will NEVER return - GUARANTEED! Roof-A-Cide® is totally effective on barrel tile, concrete tile and asphalt/fiberglass shingles. Nothing else comes close to the safety and effectiveness of Roof-A-Cide®

Take Advantage of Our "Forever Clean" Program


1. We will clean your roof one final time. Your roof must be clean to start. After cleaning your roof we will come down and debris rinse off the entire house - leaving everything the same (or better) than before we blew the dirty, black fungus off of your roof.

2. In most cases, we can apply the Roof-A-Cide right after cleaning.  If your roof does not need cleaned we should be able to apply on the scheduled date.  The only variable is weather – it must be applied to a dry roof and not during high or gusty wind conditions.  It is applied with a light spray and for those who do not need a cleaning there should be little to no mess or clean up needed of the exterior.

3. We will then provide you with a 2-Year Warranty which is backed by two companies: Roof-A-Cide AND Hoover Pressure Cleaning if you experience any problems just contact us right away

4. We then will insert you into our Roof-A-Cide customer database and in 2 years we will contact you to schedule your re-application. When you apply Roof-A-Cide every 2 years you will never pressure clean your roof again.

That's It. It's just that simple. We even take the time to remember your re-application date for you. The warranty is transferable with your home, so if you should sell your home it can offer a buyer this added value.



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