Paver and Concrete Sealing

SilaCast Products

The #1 trusted sealers in the industry!!!

Whether you’re looking for a sealer to enhance the beauty of your pavers and tiles or if you just want to protect it with a clear sealer, we’ve got you covered at DECO PRODUCTS. Our exclusive line of SilaCast Products can solve your problems.

Deco Products has been manufacturing sealers and coatings for the concrete industry since 1991! With emphasis on creating a better world for future generations we developed many different solvent free products for industries that mostly used hazardous! Since our beginning we have focused on the “Green” aspect of products. Since then our competitors have been trying to catch up! Adding water to your solvents doesn’t make you greener it makes your product inferior!!!

SilaCast Specialty Sealers are state of the art in NON HAZARDOUS and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY sealers! Brought to you by DECO PRODUCTS, Inc.


Concrete Sealing

SilaCast PCS is based on our Deco 20 Penetrating Concrete Sealer that was developed in 1991 for use on basement foundation walls. This special non hazardous formula leaves no film and is transparent, however provides maximum protection from the harsh effects that moisture can cause to any decorative surface.

Recommended Applications:
Sealing concrete sidewalks, patios and driveways
Sealing and protecting concrete roof tiles
Sealing concrete paver pool decks, driveways and walkways



Schedule landscapers (and any other maintenance personnel) so that they DO NOT come on the day of sealing. Reschedule them to come at least TWO DAYS AFTER sealing to allow for sufficient ‘curing’ time. NOTE: Advise landscapers NOT to make right turns on sealed pavers in order to prevent tire markings from their riding equipment.

Remove furniture, plants, and any other movable decorative items from the area being cleaned and sealed, or arrange removal with your sealing technician.

Pool maintenance service should not be done the day of the sealing. Regular pool maintenance can be performed the day following the sealing to remove sand or debris from the pool.

Turn off your sprinkler system on the day that your pavers are being cleaned and sealed. Do not turn them back on for at least 48 after sealant has been applied.

Make sure all automobiles that will need to be used are out of the garage and not on the paver area that is to be cleaned and sealed. If you are not home the day of the cleaning and sealing and if your garage door closes on top of the pavers, make arrangements with your sealing technician to be sure that the garage door will be left open.

Please allow 24 hours before there is any activity on the pavers.

Replace furniture, plants, and any other decorative items on the paver surface the next day.

We recommend sealing maintenance every 3 years.

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